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Paul Bao
Paul Bao

Paul Bao

Founder & CEO @ BitCherry

What the ‘BitCherry’ project will offer to the Blockchain industry?

In the current market, the problems of blockchain network congestion and high gas fee cannot be effectively solved in a short time, the project parties need alternative solutions to provide their users with low-cost, high-performance, and high throughput expansion solutions.

BitCherry, as the world’s first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 Technology for distributed commerce, will provide a friendly and easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure for businesses in various fields around the world through its profound technical strength, support customized blockchain applications in different business scenarios, and support completely private side chains, each side chain is a complete commercial level blockchain solution.

In the future, more and more projects will seek to build or use BitCherry Chain.

What the development of ‘BitCherry’ will bring to the world of e-commerce?

The financial attribute of blockchain provides opportunities for enterprises in various countries to use new business models.

Why do we need blockchain? The blockchain technology can further reduce the cost of enterprises and increase the liquidity of assets, which is in line with the future development of traditional enterprises.

With the large-scale layout of blockchain by traditional enterprises and the popularization of digital asset financial applications based on blockchain, the commercial ease of use of blockchain technology has become very important.

BitCherry will provide friendly and easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure for global business enterprises through its profound technical strength, support customized blockchain applications in different business scenarios, return the user’s asset autonomy, and make the assets on the chain generate liquidity.

BitCherry has built “Main Chain, Side Chain, And Cross Chain” in it.

The main chain issues assets, and then access other assets on the chain through cross-chain technology, Finally, through matching and trading on the chain, asset flow will be achieved. 

Explain the main goal of the BitCherry project in the future of commercial public chain?

BitCherry is more focused on a diversified business ecosystem, and its main goal is to commercialize, speed up and customize the chain.

After BitCherry’s main net goes online, it will gradually build up a diversified ecosystem in the subdivided fields from WiFi, Games to NFT.

It can be imagined that under the background of congestion in mainstream blockchain networks and high gas fees, BitCherry is expected to attract more projects as it makes further breakthroughs in technology.

Currently, most applications are in the early stage of development in terms of development and performance.

To promote the construction of the ecosystem, BitCherry will also give more incentives and support to ecological projects and build a “Blockchain +” distributed business ecosystem.

How Blockchain developers can join the ‘BitCherry’ community?

“AllSparks Plan” is a project recruitment plan proposed by BitCherry on March 29.

The goal is to cultivate valuable and potential blockchain business applications to enrich BitCherry’s distributed business ecosystem.

BitCherry distributed ecological fund also announced that it will invest the US $10 million in the development, competition, incubation, and investment of ecological projects.

We will provide comprehensive support for high-quality and potential blockchain projects, including financial support, technical support, strategy planning, and team training.

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BitCherry officially launched the “AllSparks Plan”

If you participate in the development of projects on the chain and get the ranking, you can get massive resources to support from BitCherry.

If you are confident in your own technology or have your own unique idea on the future trend of blockchain, you must join us in the “AllSparks Plan”.

Apply To “All Spark Plan”

Explain the importance of the BitCherry core data adoption of the Hash Relationship Spectrum?

Hashgraph has a great advantage, but the number of nodes is still the key factor to limit the further improvement of consensus efficiency of hashgraph.

For example: if the number of nodes is more than 1W + like POW / POC, then all transaction information needs to be synchronized to all consensus nodes through the Gossip of Gossip, the network overhead is still large, and bandwidth and delay become bottlenecks.

If we want to raise the network efficiency to the highest level and raise the TPS to one million, we must reduce the number of nodes to within a few hundred.

Therefore, node selection becomes a problem again, and it will become DPoS mode and pseudo decentralization.

Therefore, BitCherry expands the consensus nodes of the whole network to more than 10W + employing horizontal fragmentation and the vertical side chain of the relational graph algorithm, and the nodes participating in the consensus of each transaction are controlled within a few hundred, which is called a hash relational graph.

Explain briefly the ‘BitCherry’ blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8?

The existing blockchain P2P protocols work above the TCP transport layer of the IPv4 / IPv6 Wan host site, while BitCherry’s IPv6 protocol works within the lower IP network layer and data link layer (it can work on the host side and routers at the same time).

In other words, BitCherry starts to build the protocol from the bottom physical layer, because it works at the lower layer It is closer to the protocol layer of hardware devices, so P2PLUS can easily penetrate any network, firewall, network fence.

In short, VPN, proxy server, and so on are no longer needed. Its advantages are as follows:

High Performance:

The transaction performance is improved by the horizontal segmentation and longitudinal side chain of hash relation map algorithm, and the consensus nodes of the whole network are expanded to over 100000+, while each transaction participating in consensus is controlled within hundreds so that the TPS can be stabilized to over million while the BitCherry network is completely decentralized.

Even if tens of thousands of BCHC transactions are conducted per second, the security and stability of the BitCherry network will not be affected.


Based on the asynchronous algorithm of aBFT and relying on the capacity expansion design of vertical side chain and horizontal fragmentation, the problem of block congestion is solved, which means that the resource occupation of phenomenal popular applications will not affect other chain applications.

Privacy Security:

The operation of the whole node is attached to the structure of hashgraph, and it does not need to carry out heavy workload proof while ensuring decentralization.

While the value is interconnected at high speed, the point-to-point encryption of information can be realized, and the privacy security of user data in the interaction process can be guaranteed.

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