Making use of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to facilitate many tasks on securing the data and building Models.

Mahender Reddy
Mahender Reddy
Vibhuti Dalal
Vibhuti Dalal
Naina Nandini
Naina Nandini
Nishrin Tarwadi
Nishrin Tarwadi
Karanbir Singh
Karanbir Singh

Mahender Reddy

Founder & AI Developer @ Mindcom

What could be a benefit of Decentralizing AI with the implementation of Deep Learning on the blockchain?

First, we feed it with the data (training) and later we give the inputs and accordingly the system will give the predictions.

We never know what it is learning and what is it seeing from the data we provided. When we move towards AI, our main concern is mostly on security and how secure this model is.

  • Can we trust AI? We can be implementing this system in any sector (Defence, Healthcare, Transportation, etc). 

  • There will be a question of how secure this AI system is? 

  • Will hackers be able to hack into the system? 

  • How secure is the data we are using to build the system? 

We know that bitcoin has created a revolution in the world resulting from the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

It is very powerful and the first application of blockchain in Work and it’s going to change the way we do transactions by providing decentralized systems thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto.

After bitcoin there came another application which went ahead of bitcoin to perform not only the money transfer but perform custom operations based on the inputs and retirements Ethereum (founder: Ethereum Foundation) using the concept Smart Contracts, where the smart contracts contain the methods that trigger when the conditions are satisfied.

Smart contracts are written in solidity programming language and it’s a public blockchain (everything is visible to all the nodes).

After Ethereum many other blockchain technologies came into the world. Hyperledger which works on blockchain technology, but it has the option of using private blockchain (buying and selling bitcoin without revealing our identity).

All these technologies have created a great start in the usage of blockchain technology, now we at “Mindcom” want to create another revolution in the blockchain technology by TRANSFERRING INTELLIGENCE in the blockchain.

Instead of bitcoin or rule-based statements we want to transfer the AI-based models into the blockchain technology that goes from one node to another and gain intelligence with the data present in that node and we can implement this methodology in hybrid (public and private) blockchain technology based on the data.

Integrating AI with blockchain is like giving a hammer to Thor.

This helps the AI models to achieve the best results we have ever seen and as we all know that blockchain technology provides various benefits (Security, Transparency, Peer-to-peer network, etc) and AI gets the best from the data as if we combine them. It will create an unbreakable door that protects privacy and provides Security. 

The AI system is always vulnerable to adversarial attacks and we want to secure our AI system by providing a cloaking using Blockchain to provide security to that system. Suppose we have sensitive data that is distributed, and we want to build an AI model to perform some crucial tasks but since it is distributed, we need to collect the data in one place and then we need to start building our model.

But if we implement the system in a blockchain all the places where our data is present will take them as nodes and then, we will be building our AI within the blockchain and it will be training with the present in the present node.

Expectations as an AI developer at Mindcom?

I expect that this integration between blockchain and AI will open the doors to many possibilities in AI as well as in the blockchain domain.

AI + Blockchain will mainly affect the livelihood of a man and gives them the transparency and security they needed to trust AI.

This is just the starting step as many people aren’t aware of the Blockchain technology and its advantages so within few years we will be seeing the decentralization network in all the sectors taking from banking to Government Schemes.

As we know this technology has many challenges and we as a team are going to overcome this with hard work and exploring.

The challenges are what drives us forward to build and research more.

Vibhuti Dalal

AI Developer @ Mindcom

Explain one model where Deep Learning can be effective in the implementation of Blockchain?

AI systems can use blockchain to facilitate the sharing of data used across multiple models.

This could also prevent data breaches if all information and payment systems are stored and shared through a blockchain rather than a centralized data server.

AI systems can be used to improve blockchains in general.

Machine learning systems can keep an eye on what is happening in the blockchain. It can look for patterns and anomalies in the types of data being stored and actions being performed on a particular server and be used to alert users when something may be happening.

The systems can look for normal behavior and flag what seems to be unusual. The AI systems can help keep blockchain more secure, more reliable, and more efficient.

AI systems can also use blockchain to facilitate the sharing of data used across multiple models.

A great example is the use of machine learning models for product recommendations in online retail. If an online store knows the preferences of one shopper, and then that customer goes to a different store website, these two sites can be connected through a blockchain to share trusted personalization information.

This could potentially become a place of competition for smaller eCommerce sites that want to share with each other personalization information.

Expectations as an AI developer at Mindcom?

Working with AI in the present Scenario is really good and efficient but the integration of AI with blockchain is a very challenging task.

It becomes difficult to transfer the model from node to node.

The opportunity that I got from Mindcom is very exciting for me and I am looking forward to working with the team more vigorously. With the integration of AI and Blockchain, we need to go deep into the complete functionality of AI into the Blockchain technology and we need to explore more things for it. 

With the wonderful team we have at mindcom and looking into their efforts I am expecting that we will bring this technology within less time.

Naina Nandini

Blockchain Developer @ Mindcom

In an agreement, the two parties have to agree upon certain conditions and they both have to perform the obligations of the agreement.

If we use smart contract codes it will automatically execute and perform the parties’ obligations checking those conditions are met and following that it will allow the further transaction to happen.

This will eliminate human intervention and the requirement of the third party.

Let us take a basic example to understand this, let say the govt. gives scholarships to students having family income less than 1lac per annum = $1,300 U.S. dollars per year.

In the traditional written agreement the govt. the official will have to check the documents submitted by him each year manually but if a smart contract component was added, It would automatically notify and check the document submitted by the student each year and automatically transfers the fund in the student’s account.

Thus eliminating the human intervention, smart contracts potentially reduces the execution and enforcement cost and additionally making the process more secure and transparent as well.

The integration of AI with the smart contract :

let’s understand this through the above example only 

As we know the blockchain is basically a secure database. So, There are huge records of a lot of students with the govt. AI is all about working on huge data. So, in this example, if AI tools are applied along with Deep learning it would help them find and come up with a pattern about the number as well the distribution of such families over the country.

So that govt can make smart strategies to help them using this estimate.  

Expectations as a Blockchain developer at Mindcom?

I have been interested in AI as well and when I came across this venture which is going work on the integration of both AI and blockchain I eagerly joined this team of people as enthusiastic as I feel I am about these technologies.

The use of AI in blockchain can have remarkable results but is also a challenging task.

So having worked upon smart contracts and other aspects of blockchain I look forward to learning and explore more with this amazing and hardworking team of Mindcom.

Nishrin Tarwadi

Blockchain Developer @ Mindcom

How could be applied AI and Blockchain through Solidity that is a Turing complete programming language?

One of the main aims of integrating AI and Blockchain is Data Protection.

Through data, AI receives information about the world and things happening on it. Basically, data feeds AI, and through it, AI will be able to continuously improve itself.

On the other side, blockchain is essentially a technology that allows for the encrypted storage of data on a distributed ledger.

Blockchain uses a language called Solidity for the programming of smart contracts.

Solidity is an object-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. Smart contracts are programs that govern the behavior of accounts within the Ethereum state. Solidity is influenced by C++, Python, and JavaScript and is designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

AI mainly uses the Python programming language to design AI products. Solidity can be completely used for applying AI into blockchain as it is a contract-oriented Turing-complete programming language and uses Python language which works for AI as well as Blockchain.

Expectations as a Blockchain developer at Mindcom?

As a blockchain developer, I would really like to outgrow myself in this technology and promote its sustainability in the technical world by eliminating the challenges and growing towards a better future of integrating AI and Blockchain.

Karanbir Singh

Blockchain Developer @ Mindcom

What impact can have AI on Dapps and mention industries that could take great benefit from it?

There can be a huge impact on Artificial Intelligence on Decentralized Application:

  • Dapps can help us track, understand and explain decisions made by AI

  • Enhancing the security of data in the network.

  • providing efficient ways of conserving energy, improved scalability, security, privacy, hardware automation, and proper governance data regulations.

  • Smart Contract can help in the machine to machine communication without any human intervention

Industries like Banking, Supply chain, Social Media platforms, Healthcare, Defense, Government sectors are already using the implementation of Artificial Intelligence with Decentralized Application.

Let’s look at

  • Finalize

It is a software platform that uses blockchain and machine learning to build applications aimed at improving civil infrastructure. The company’s tools automate and speed up construction industry workflow, management, and verification processes, and its technology also integrates with wearables to meet safety regulations.

Industry Impact 

Finalize aims to make crucial processes more efficient while maximizing ROI in an industry whose revenues are projected to hit $15.5 trillion by 2028.

Not only in the civil industry, but Dapps with AI can benefit major industries out there.

Expectations as a Blockchain developer at Mindcom?

My expectation as a blockchain developer in the AI industry is to create some products using both the technologies that can benefit our society and help individuals & organizations by providing our product as a solution to their current problems or the challenges that they are facing in their day to day activity. 

It will be challenging but I am very excited to work in this industry and considering myself grateful to be a part of “Mindcom”.

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