Providing easy access to the Ethereum Blockchain and aim to improve the virtual reality and live streaming experience of everyone.

Christoph Könekamp
Christoph Könekamp
Phil Georg
Phil Georg
Jan Ostertag
Jan Ostertag
Tim Lauterbach
Tim Lauterbach

Christoph Könekamp

Co-Founder, Management & Sales @ Nerve

Explain the gap or problem you saw when you came with the vision and idea for Nerve?

In the beginning, we were only interested in the thrill of how we could turn the film (Nerve) into reality.

We just saw enormous potential in the In Real Life (IRL) area in combination with live streaming.

Don’t get me wrong, we still see enormous potential here, but now we see a greater purpose behind our project and want to make things possible for people that would otherwise simply not be possible.

Sick people, who can’t get out of the hospital or because of old age and can’t experience or see new things.

Through our task system and the growth of IRL and live streaming, sick people can see what they, unfortunately, can no longer see themselves.

An example: Imagine you are in hospital and can’t do anything anymore, but you want to experience surfing on a wave of Hawaii.

You give an IRL streamer exactly this task and other people can join you. If there is enough money in for the streamer and the task seems feasible for him, he will do it and you can experience exactly that.

We are still at the very beginning because over time our project has evolved from fun to a real vision and we want to be there to change the world while we still can.

Our current DApp offers us the base for further milestones, which we want to expand in the area of IRL Streaming & Virtual Reality. This will make the experiences even more intense and will open up new ways in the area of education (VR schools), shops, clubs, and much more.

How can the Nerve project change the market of Live Streamers as we know it using blockchain?

Nerve offers a Blockchain solution that connects content creators with their viewers.

Through our DApp, users can propose financially incentivized tasks to their favorite streamer and also bet with other viewers on different challenges which the streamer is ahead of.

To reach consensus over outcomes we rely on individual reputation and established trust between streamer & viewers. This enables Nerve to handle operations within minutes and opens our system to live streaming and betting markets.

We make it possible through “just-in-time delivery”.

For example, Viewers can easily bet on the next Warzone battle of their favorite streamer. Other users can join or just open up the next bet on the next round, it’s just that easy!

Viewers are now set into an active role and can be part of it or change the content of a stream on demand. This is particularly noticeable with our Task-System.

NERVE poses a new way of live streaming and allows yet unknown streamers.

Especially in the IRL area, we see the great potential and much growth. Imagine you are an IRL streamer and your viewers decide what to do next.

If you meet the expectations of your viewers you will even get money for it and that without third-party platforms that can block your account and also chargebacks are a thing of the past.

So - Streamers now directly receive their funds in Ether. No registration on third party platforms is required. No logins, no emails, no passwords, no spam.

Phil Georg

Co-Founder & Blockchain Developer @ Nerve

What is the main objective the Nerve project wants to reach in the tech industry and mainly in Blockchain?

Imagine the advent of mainstream augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). More and more people will have the opportunity to live to stream their life through “always-on” AR glasses. With more sophisticated equipment you are also able to stream stereoscopic 360° VR content.

The main objective of NERVE is to create a direct and censorship-resistant communication channel between live streamers and their viewers. Our users can directly pose tasks to each other and add a financial incentive to them.

We want to see a future, in which you can genuinely experience the real world – no matter where you are.

With NERVE you can direct your favorite streamer and give them an incentive to perform the actions you would like to see. A surrogate to experience the world for you.

Explain one function of Nerve that stands out from other DApps?

NERVE is supposed to run on top of existing Social Media and Live Streaming services.

It is a tool that streamers and users can use to enhance their experience. That in itself is pretty unique, as there are not many “second layer” services that connect to existing social media channels and especially not as a Dapp run on the blockchain.

We utilize the full power of a decentralized system and allow users to take responsibility for their actions, even within a difficult legal environment in countries exercising totalitarian power over certain markets.

This becomes very clear in the user’s ability to create their betting service on the blockchain.

All users can create or join any bets they like via the NERVE smart contract and stake real value (Ether) without us ever being able to enforce registration or KYC or stopping the contract.

Jan Ostertag

Co-Founder & Blockchain Developer @ Nerve

How the Nerve Dapp can transform video streaming and the incentives towards a communal good?

Live and video streaming is a rapidly changing segment of the internet. And the trend goes towards interaction with the community.

We see this in messages coupled with donations, twitch games, and of course in polls for the viewers and followers.

NERVE gives the community a chance to influence the content of creators through incentivized tasks. This has the advantage of knowing what your community wants to see the most and getting paid for fulfilling that wish.

Growing alongside video streaming is the e-sports segment. Each year, more and more people watch big e-sport tournaments.

With this in mind, we implemented the bet function in NERVE, so that content creators can engage with their community through creating bets.

This enables the community to earn Ethereum while watching their favorite streamer.

To incentivize this, the creator of the bet also gets a share of the pot.

NERVE allows the creators to engage their community through bets as well as their community to have a new kind of influence on their favorite creator. This change can bring more creative and community-oriented content.

Describe the UX of Nerve and the end goal of Smart Contracts in the project?

We tried to make the user experience as smooth and easy as possible. And if there is something the user doesn’t understand, we made a little helper guide in every possible window to explain the functionality.

NERVE has many things in common with social media apps.

There is your profile, a search function to get to other people’s profiles, a global feed with currently running bets and tasks, and a section for all the bets and tasks that you are invested in. Of course, there is also the cryptocurrency part of the app where you can find your ethereum address or send ethereum to another wallet.

NERVE operates entirely on the blockchain. From changing your name to creating a task. This means NERVE also operates as an ethereum wallet.

This is the biggest hurdle for new users who have no idea what a cryptocurrency or blockchain is.

We tried to make it as painless as possible for those users, but ethereum is required to use NERVE. We made NERVE using smart contracts because they are a safe decentralized system with no authority ruling them.

That means the ethereum for tasks or bets are safely pooled in the contract and no one can shut the underlying framework down.

Tim Lauterbach

Financial Advisor @ Nerve

How the NERVE token rewards distribute earnings directly to token holders?

The NERVE shares contract will receive any Ether that the NERVE contract collects.

For instance, if you promote a task on the global feed, the NERVE shares contract will receive the respective fee. This fee will be always collected in Ether so that users never have to interact with our native token.

Subsequently, our shares contract will allow all NRV holders to claim their respective share of accumulated Ether revenues then locked on this smart contract.

Therefore, the NRV token offers similar economics to a dividend-paying stock. Of course, it is even better than company shares, as revenues are directly shared, while no costs are deducted. Thus, for the NRV token holder, revenues equal net income.

We believe in user interaction and the community to promote our product. Software development is financed through our resources as well as crowd-funding and some NRV tokens currently owned by NERVE Corp that have been and will be sold through private transactions.

We are also aware that some of our fans achieved listing NRV on decentralized exchanges. This shows that a secondary market is developing already.

What could be a benefit to live streamers getting revenue based on the NERVE token that traditional live streamers platforms don’t give?

Live streamers will benefit from a peer-to-peer transaction with their audience, without possible interference from any third party.

As recently seen, big tech companies are disassociating from the original “don’t be evil” idea that google once postulated.

For example, google censors content critical of the China Communist Party position on Coronavirus. Therefore, we think it is crucial to give users the option to directly communicate with their audience in a censorship-resistant manner.

This will help protect streamers that are critical of governments or big corporations and post controversial content. Of course, other legitimate businesses considered inappropriate by some governments, such as the adult entertainment industry may also benefit.

Users will gain the liberty as well as responsibility to handle their legal and tax matters on their own, as it is technically not possible to collect taxes or provide legal checks directly on the blockchain.

Also, as blockchain technology is truly borderless, it is impossible to discriminate against users in any way, such as by excluding countries from our services.

Everyone will be able to participate and this does notably also include undocumented human beings. All you need to participate is an Ethereum address.

NERVE does not have an administrator or complicated legal terms, as the whole product is governed by unstoppable code on the Ethereum blockchain.

Therefore, the payouts and each transaction can never be stopped by an employee of a non-transparent company or government organization.

Everything is 100% verifiable on the blockchain.

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